Transloading & On-Site Storage Feature

Tracx Inventory makes it easier to load any type of commodity on any type of equipment. Keep tabs on incoming & released railcars, truckload deliveries and pickups, and inventory on hand. Quickly make adjustments and view billing reports.

Rail Cars

In Tracx Inventory you are able to view the flow of the rail cars and products coming in and going out.You are also able to track the shrinkage of rail cars and notify customers of higher than average shrink. The reporting features allows you to view details such as dates on track, unload weights, shrinkage etc.

Scale Tickets

Tracx Inventory is able to integrate scales such as MSSQL/MySQL into it's database. Customer and carriers are able to have scale tickets emailed directly based on their profile preference and all scale tickets are view able in PDF, printable and can be saved offline. Another essential feature is that you can use the search bar and option selection to locate specific tickets by criteria.


When viewing the inventory section in the Tracx Inventory software you can easily view how much is in a bin or rail car, what type of commodity in each and for which customer it is for. This way you can view all the information you need to know by just a simple click.


In the Tracx Inventory software you are able to label each bin and add comments underneath each one of them. You are also able to transfer products between bins, blend commodities to create a new product, add additives and assign additional charges to loads going from a specific bin. Email feature allows you to notify your customer when their bin is empty so they can update their inventory. This way all commodities are tracked perfectly and things are done on a timely manner.


Reporting is essential and Tracx Inventory is aware of that. You are able to view a variety of transaction reports to extract the information you need. Repaorts are availble for export to excel and are also viewable in the browser. The reports can be setup for accounting import for more efficient billing.

Activity Log

The activity log enables you to view detailed transaction history. If you would like to view by type or date you are able to filter your search by criteria.