"Since our company has started using Tracx Systems one of the biggest changes I have noticed in our companies’ performance is our customers do not phone us as much; they have Real Time Data to look up. Tracx Systems helps us keep track of a lot more information in an easy-to-read and use format. Personally I have noticed that I don’t have to be at the unloading facility as much as I used to. I can easily get needed information downloaded on my phone or other computers. Before Tracx Systems, I spent a lot of time finding out whose railcars were on track, but now the customers enter the cars into the program themselves. I know that it has saved the trucking company’s time as well. Now they are not sent to pick up products that are not ready for them. Truckers have less paper work and they can also access copies of scale tickets online. Tracx Systems has prevented data entry errors and has helped with product movement and storage."

- 5 Suns Transloading